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Our People

Welcome to Seven Island Brewery!

Meet our dynamic duo, Lefteris Mesimeris & Konstantinos Pougatsias – or just Lefty & Kostas! Our small yet fiercely dedicated team of two craft beer aficionados is on a mission to redefine your beer experience.

At Seven Island Brewery, we’re all about producing big, bold, and aromatic beers. We meticulously source the finest raw materials and seek out the most exotic ingredients to craft truly unique brews for beer lovers like you.

Our journey is fueled by an unrelenting passion for craft beer, and we’re committed to delivering only the most special brews to your glass. With each brew, we strive to achieve perfection, ensuring that every sip you take is the best it can be.

Kostas embarked on his beer-ventures as an enthusiast, eventually founding a small craft beer import business in Greece back in 2012. Meanwhile, Lefteris kickstarted his brewing passion as a home brewer in his garage in 2009. Their fateful meeting in 2014 led to the creation of Seven Island Brewery, where their shared love for craft beer and dedication to quality, converge.

Join us on this incredible journey, and prepare to transform your drinking habits. At Seven Island Brewery, we’re here to change the beer world, one extraordinary beer at a time.

Seven Islands Brewery Lefteris Lefty Mesimeris


Lefteris began his journey as a homebrewer in 2009, working in his home garage. In 2014, he crossed paths with Kostas, and together, they decided to unite their passion and expertise to establish Seven Island Brewery.

Lefteris has a penchant for barrel-aged imperial stouts as his favorite beer style, while his everyday go-to choice is a well-crafted crisp lager.

the Seven Island Brewery people - Kostas


Κostas, a GenX-old teen, was born & raised in a small village on the border of Thessaloniki. He grew up as a metal-head, sci-fi movie geek, BBQ freak, gig lover, beer drinker, and an overall Hell Raiser!

Influenced by all of the above, he began his beer adventures as a beer enthusiast. Not long after, in 2012, he founded a small craft beer import business in Greece.

Given his skills in organizing chaos (or not!) and birthing new sick ideas, he is the creative force and the [ir]responsible guy behind our Black-ops, Development, Marketing and, of course, Branding for our small daring venture!

[Un]fortunately he bumped into Lefty one day… the rest is history.


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